Ad Serving Platforms in online

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when you say Mobile Marketing Platform, this pertains on the service and technology, which is placing advertisements on different sites. Ad serving platform, as what the name suggest it, do serve ads, count and choose ads, which will make advertisers generate more money.  It also monitors various advertising campaigns. Basically, this is being divided into major types namely advertiser ad servers or also known as third party and publisher ad servers. It cannot be denied that interactive ads can be found everywhere. However, when it comes on the technical side of process of acquiring an ad right on the page and the way marketers and publishers      verify  this delivered, not everyone who are not involved with ad operation could explain how this happens in detailed information.

But this is important for you to know the process so you could understand why do you need ad serving platforms. Take for instance, the ad server of advertisers do manage its campaign on four various publishers. It is being done through giving every publisher their very own so-called ‘ad tag ’script that is being generated by the ad server of the advertiser. On the other hand, the publisher will then insert on its ad server related on that particular website. Still wondering why do you need to get your own ad server?  The following could explain to you why: Accountability You could track your own campaign statistics could be one of the most significant reason why you must own an ad server.

If you are already engaged with online advertising  space that long, then you may realize that it is inevitable  for some degree of discrepancy.  Single digit percentage  is really normal  but it can change wildly. Along with various ad tags that are served of the different ad servers in different places locally, it must not surprise anyone that reporting are going to vary in some points. If companies don’t have their own server, then they are not going to have their own independent stats that is contrast on auditing results reported of the publisher. Owning an ad server will let you keep ad networks and publisher accountable. Insights If you are not using your own ad server, that only means you could be left behind in terms of  mining significant campaign insights.

The transparency of reporting will vary from one publisher to another and this will automatically means that you are now left with incomplete package. Through your own ad server, it gives you the best possible transparency for the performance of campaigns, which provide you insights that unless it would be invisible. You could also take a look on geographical stats, placement stats, hourly stats and even creative stats so  you can identify the things that are effective and not. Creative Control Providing ad network or publisher ad tags in order to  make it run on their ad servers will let you handle the control on specific ads  which  will served on how and which users.  Right from the creative and innovative perspective, which will basically depend on ad serving platform you’ve been using, you could get more control  on the format of  the ads such as video ads, running tex ads or expendable ads.

Aside from having a control with the ad formats that is run, when you are employing your own ad serving platform, you may better optimize the delivery of the ads too. The ad server could provide you the ability to perform split test on various ads as well as weight that will be shown in accordance to it. Centralized Management The absence of your very own ad server that power up your direct buys will make you depend greatly on the ad operation team of the publisher, which will create and manage the campaigns. Why don’t you multiply it on the number of the publisher you’ve been working with and be able to imagine the increase of the logistical complexity.  

But if you have  your own,  you are  centralizing the management of the campaign throughout the publisher  you are dealing with. Apart from that, you are also aggregating the entire campaign statistics in one database.  This approach is really something invaluable. Ownership of the Data Acquiring your ad serving platform will also make you own and control the whole campaign data.  If you are just basically relying on the power of your publisher, then you loss control as well as ownership on the reporting. Data Freshness The practice with publishers reporting typically varies. Other report campaigns are going to result  weekly, daily or sometimes monthly. Most of the time, this would come on email attachment form.  For other advertisers, such delay can be considered  as acceptable.

However, for marketers that are performance driven, which is optimizing for an effective goal, delay could means too costly and wasted ad expenses. Oftentimes, third party ad server reporting is associated with real time. When you own a good ad serving platform, this will enable you to view the performance of the campaign right away. This kind of reporting is important so you could make timely and better decisions. Privacy of the Data Maybe, you’ve been wanting to track revenues, most especially if the main goal of the campaign is ROAS or return on ad spend.  

However, most probably, you don’t want to make your publishers know  the amount of profit you’ve been gaining with their ad inventory. If you have you own Ad Network for publishers, this will provide you discrete platform so you could track confidentially the metrics of your campaign performance. Let face the fact that we can’t achieve and enjoy these benefits without  a cost.  Though there are ad serving platforms out there, which can give you free ad servings on particular number of impressions but then, with one  blow  of any serious media buyer on it, this would be gone fairly.  It is not practical if you will leave  everything  on your publisher alone. It is true most importantly when  you are doing multiple of media on several publisher.